Friday, March 13, 2009

Container Gardening: Glazed Ceramic Pots

In order to elevate and showcase the glazed pots I purchased for my front entryway, I purchased some simple brick pavers and stacked them. This also allowed me to stagger heights and loop the irrigation through the bottom hole of the pot easily.It prevents them from sinking into the landscaping and rock ground covering. I think it helps show off these beautiful pots, making a groomed presentation.

These beautiful glazed ceramic pots were purchased at JoAnn's Etc. Its from their Home collection. I was lucky enough to get them at 50% off during one of their weekend sales. The pot on the right was larger and was elevated on two levels of pavers. The pot on the left was smaller and on just one leve of pavers. There is yet a third smaller matching pot which I have not yet planted.

I had some Elephant's Food /Elephant Bush (Scientific Name: Portulacaria afra Jacq.) growing successfullly nearby, so I transplanted it into these beautiful pots. Since these plants are originally from South Africa, they can handle the brutal heat of Phoenix. Its an excellent choice for this area; hardy down to 30 degrees F, so when necessary, I have taken precautions by covering them whenever the temperatures get close to that.

I also found some larger retaining wall concrete shapes at Lowe's. I stacked these two high to elevate this green "egg-shaped" glazed pot from Costco. I planted more Elephant Food as well as a Gazania (flower) and some of my sunflower plants I have grown from seed. As always, I put rocks in the bottom of the pot for drainage. Another advantage of putting the plant in a glazed pot, rather than against the foundation, is it keeps the water away from the foundation. (Be sure to read about efflorescence on this post.)