Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Linoleum Removal

So its been a while since I have written in my blog. I had to take a break from home projects for a while. Life got busy. Tax preparation. Work. Stuff. But here I am back at another improvement for my little casa. This is the master bathroom. The builder used "el cheapo" roll linoleum that, after 12 years, is yellowing. Frankly my budget is not much higher, but I have located a nice little linoleum tile from Lowe's that emulates stone. The tile itself only cost about $85. The labor is a lot of "elbow grease" by yours truly. First the old stuff has to be removed. That is the stage of the project I am in now.

One thing I did not anticipate was what I found near the toilet -- what looks like some sort of black mold. Had I been in danger just living in the house unaware this lurked under the linoleum? Was I in danger just breathing standing here looking at this stuff? I called my Dad. He assured me that this is a common problem probably due to condensation and advised the area be cleaned with vinegar. I told him I had planned to use bleach. He said bleach would be fine. So in minutes it disappeared with a squirt, squirt of the Clorox bottle. The toilet does share the room with the shower so I can understand the condensation issue.